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Seeing What Can't Be Seen with 'Femtophotography'


Femtophotography. Have you heard that photog term before? Most likely not, as it is a brand new tool which can take a picture from around the corner — literally.

Using lasers pulses and computational algorithms, these femtophotography cameras can spot a hidden image and capture them in 3D. Currently, the images aren't crystal clear (or even quite like a photo yet), they are recognizable shapes.

Kind of like a visual sonar, these bursts of light bounce off walls and floors to find the hidden object and then return the information back to the camera sensor.

What will these new "toys" be used for? Researchers at MIT Media Lab's Camera Culture group and chemistry labs who developed the device say that it could be used to help first responders navigate dangerous environments, enhance endoscopes for exploratory medical procedures, or improve collision-avoidance technology for cars.