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Red Gum Studios Opens in Southern California


The Red Gum Creative Campus in Anaheim, Calif., has opened new rental facilities that include five studios designed for shooting specific subjects.

For example, an Automotive Studio, ideal for photographing vehicles, has ceiling heights of up to 28 feet and an in-floor turntable to spin subject cars. Red Gum's Water Studio is set up for above- and below-water shooting and liquid effects. A Product Studio also includes overhead hoists for heavy-duty product photography, as well as a Food and Celebrity studios, with gated limo parking.
The creator of the project, Don Dormeyer, is a 35-year veteran of the photo industry and past national president of Advertising Photographers of America. His son, Darin, has stepped in as operations manager of the campus.
For more information, visit redgumstudios.com.