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Dave Siegel Causes a Stirring in Local Advertising


Dave Siegel, of Phoenix-based Siegel Photographic, has caused a stir in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area by using advertising space that he normally would have committed to growing his business and tackling such community issues as child abuse, domestic violence and animal adoption.

Using graphic photos–some digitally enhanced–of unwanted animals and abused children, Siegel chose to use the paid and donated ad pages for public service announcements rather than standard marketing and advertising purposes. "I have grown weary of self-promotion with studio ads and decided to use the opportunity to donate the space," said Siegel. "Not everybody agrees with my approach, and I don't like to beat around the bush. The issues I address are not pretty and neither are the photos."

So far, buzz about the provocative ads has generated not only local interest in the central Arizona market but has brought in requests for re-use of the photography by two non-profit groups.