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IN THE LOUPE: Albert Watson

15 May 2012
Published in In the Loupe

Home/studio: New York City

Published books: "Strip Search: Las Vegas" (2010); "UFO: Unified Fashion Objectives" (2010); "Albert Watson" (2007); "Maroc" (1998); "Cyclops" (1994)

Recent awards/honors: Platinum Award for 2011, Graphis; The Centenary Medal, The Royal Photographic Society, 2010; named one of the 20 Most Influential Photographers of All Time, Photo District News, 2010; inducted into the Scottish Fashion Awards Hall of Fame, 2006; Lucie Award for Outstanding Achievement in Advertising Photography, 2006; Grammy Award for Mason Profitt album, "Come and Gone," 1975 ; three Andy Awards, the Advertising Club of New York...

Albert Watson

15 May 2012
Published in People and Places

No Slowing Down: The peripatetic master of celebrity, portrait, still life, fashion and landscape photography is still in constant motion after 40 years, always in search of the next arresting image

Most photographers quickly settle into a specialty, one genre or subject of photography that they are especially good at and for which they become well known. We don't expect people to be good at a lot of things. We expect professionals to....

Spring/Summer 2012 Cover

15 May 2012
Published in About Our Cover

On the cover: Albert Watson's "Golden Boy, New York City, 1990," was shot using theatrical gold paint as makeup for a personal project following an advertising shoot.

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