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From the Ashes: The Rise of a New Photojournalism

16 October 2009
Published in Photojournalism

Through new distribution platforms, multimedia formats and teamwork, today's photojournalists are trying to resurrect a moribund industry.

BREAKING NEWS — Photojournalism, the use of images to tell stories and convey information about topical events, from the Crimean War to this year's health-care reform debate, has died following a long and gradual illness.

The profession was approximately 150 years old...

Social Media: Don’t Be Left Behind

14 September 2009
Published in Electronic Market

Social networking websites are the talk of the town, but how can they help your business?

Supporters exalt it as the great advance in communication. Detractors consider it a waste of time. Like it or not, the phenomenon of social media empowers the public at large to capture and disseminate information immediately.

But how do all these technological advances affect the photographer? Is the growth of social media killing our business? How do these changes affect the amateur?...