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Mamiya Releases New Mounts for Hasselblad Lenses

Mamiya Lens Mount Adapters 645AFD Mamiya Lens Mount Adapters 645AFD

Two new mounts from Mamiya will allow for the use of Hasselblad V-series medium-format lenses on its 645F series cameras. The Mamiya Lens Mount Adapters allow the 645AF, 645AFD and 645AFD II users to properly focus Hasselblad lenses by providing a precise flange-to-film plane distance.

To focus the lens, the shooter needs to focus with the lens wide open and then stop-down for proper exposure readings. The cameras will provide automatic focus confirmation.

The minimum advertised price for the adapters is $647 for either black or silver models to match the cameras.

Additional Info

  • Company: Mamiya (MAC Group)
  • Company Phone #: 914-347-3300