Fujifilm X-S1: The Bridge Camera, Reinvented

16 May 2012
Fujifilm X-S1 Fujifilm X-S1

Fujifilm has announced the third camera in its X series line of collapsible-lens cameras with the 12.1-megapixel X-S1.

One unique feature of this camera is its lighting mode options. Depending on lighting conditions, users can switch between four different modes (including auto). When users switch, the camera adjusts the performance of the sensor between high resolution and wide dynamic range.

The XS-1 has a 26x optical zoom lens expandable up to 52x zoom and can shoot up to 10fps.

It houses a 24-624mm lens that can shoot up to an f/2.8 aperture setting, along with a 3-inch, tiltable LCD screen.

Fujifilm's X-S1 will be released later this year and retail for around $1,100.

Additional Info

  • Company: FujFilm
  • Company Phone #: 800-659-3854