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Nikon's P510 and P310 Boost CoolPix Zoom, Low-Light Settings

16 May 2012
Published in Digital Cameras

Nikon has released two new CoolPix compact cameras, the P510 and the P310. With the P510, Nikon focused on the zoom features. The camera houses a 42x optical Zoom-Nikkor ED glass lens that can shoot from a wide 24mm to a 1,000mm focal range. Nikon strove to boost low-light shooting capabilities with the P310, giving it a 16.1-megapixel CMOS sensor, an ISO range up to 3200 and a maximum f/1.8 aperture...

Introducing Nikon’s Coolpix S Series

24 October 2011
Published in Digital Cameras

With the debut of its new S series line of Coolpix cameras, Nikon has unveiled four inaugural models: the S8200, S6200, S100 and S1200pj, all compact cameras with enhanced zoom ranges, sharing capabilities and HD video.

All four cameras include copious scene and auto modes as well as a smart portrait system, which includes in-camera red-eye fix, face-priority autofocus, smile mode, blink warning and skin softening. The S8200 and S100 will also offer easy panorama mode...

Nikon Releases Rugged Coolpix AW100

23 October 2011
Published in Digital Cameras

Taking a page from Olympus’ recent line of extreme, outdoor cameras, Nikon has released the Coolpix AW100, a waterproof, freezeproof and shockproof compact.

The hardened AW100 can withstand underwater depths up to 33 feet, is weather resistant to temperatures as low as 14°F and is shock resistant from a drop of up to five feet. The battery-chamber, SD card slot, HDMI mini-connector and USB/audio-video connector have also been securely covered to prevent the invasion of dirt and moisture...

Nikon Gives Face-lift to Coolpix Line with P7100

23 October 2011
Published in Digital Cameras

Adding a few perks for the advanced consumer, Nikon’s flagship Coolpix P7100 camera has undergone some functionality improvements since its predecessor, the P7100, came out last summer.

With the P7100, Nikon retained the same 10.1-megapixel sensor, but added a second click-wheel to the front of the camera body for adjustments. Depending on what mode you’re in, the wheel’s function will change. Example: In manual mode, the secondary wheel controls the aperture, while the primary wheel controls the shutter speed...

Nikon's Releases High-Performance Coolpix P300, Three Coolpix Superzooms

28 March 2011
Published in Digital Cameras

Nikon has announced the new Coolpix P300, Nikon's first compact digital camera to feature a super-fast, wide-angle, 4.2x Zoom-Nikkor glass lens (24-100mm, 35mm equivalent) with a maximum aperture of f/1.8 and full HD (1080p) video. The P300 also has a 12.2-megapixel backside illumination CMOS sensor and Expeed C2 image processing.

Features include manual controls, Optical Vibration Reduction (VR) technology, and ISO sensitivity up to 3200 for faster shutter speeds and minimal motion blur in low-light conditions, even...

Nikon’s CoolPix P7000 Now Equipped with Full Manual Control

21 October 2010
Published in Digital Cameras

The CoolPix P7000, Nikon’s latest compact camera, has been outfitted with full manual controls as well as advanced photo and video features such as 10.1-megapixel resolution, a 7.1x wide-angle optical zoom lens and an ISO range of 100-12800.

To further enhance low-light shooting, the P7000 offers low-noise night mode, a noise reduction filter and a five-way VR image stabilization system. The P7000 also features a new quick dial to more easily switch between...

Nikon Crafts Latest Coolpix P100 Compact

19 June 2010
Published in Digital Cameras

Nikon has introduced the P100 Coolpix compact digital camera with a 3-inch LCD vari-angle screen, a 10.3-megapixel backside illumination CMOS sensor and 26x, long-range optical zoom range. Full 1080p HD video capabilities have also been inaugurated into this line of cameras.

With advanced flash control, the P100 takes more natural-looking shots in low-light settings. Other Coolpix features include...

Four New Nikon Coolpix Cameras Offer Touch Screens, Built-in Projectors

17 October 2009
Published in Digital Cameras

Nikon has released four new Coolpix compact cameras. The S70 is equipped with an organic LED touch screen display, and the S1000pj contains the first built-in camera projector. For a more economical option, the S640 and S570 are now available with improved in-camera features.

The S70, with its 3.5-inch clear color display, has 12.1-megapixel resolution and a film speed range of ISO 60 to ISO 6400. Touch-screen enhancements for this camera include the touch shutter feature, brightness adjustment and scene effect manipulation. HD video can be recorded...

Nikon Unveils Coolpix P90 with 24x Wide-Angle Zoom, Advanced Shooting Modes

28 February 2009
Published in Digital Cameras

Nikon has released the new, compact CoolPix P90, a 12.1-megapixel digital camera with a 24x optical zoom and new 3-inch vari-angle LCD monitor.

The P90 boasts a 24x optical wide-angle zoom Nikkor ED glass lens, with a range from its widest angle at 26mm to telephoto at 624mm. The P90's high-resolution LCD can tilt as much as 90 degrees upward or 45 degrees downward.

The P90 also gives users control over their images with Program, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority and...

Nikon Introduces Coolpix P6000

20 October 2008
Published in Digital Cameras

Nikon has introduced its newest flagship Coolpix camera, the P6000, featuring 13.5 megapixels, a new built-in GPS unit, My Picturetown connectivity and an Expeed image processor.

With the added GPS function, P6000 users will be able to record "geotags" of the location where their images are captured based on latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates. Additionally, the P6000 makes My Picturetown connectivity for uploading and sharing photos simple and easy via...

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