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Sony Unveils Smallest Full HD Camcorder

11 March 2008
Published in Video Cameras

Sony has rolled out its smallest high-definition camcorder, the HDR-TG1 Handycam. The camcorder weighs in at 10 ounces and measures 1.3 x 4.7 x 2.5 inches.

The new model incorporates face-detection technology for both video and still images and can identify up to eight faces on its 2.7-inch touch-panel LCD screen. It also automatically adjusts focus, exposure, color control and...

Sony Introduces Four High-Definition Handycams

13 March 2007
Published in Video Cameras

Sony has four new additions to its consumer line of high-definition Handycam camcorders. The new HDR-UX7, HDR-UX5 AVCHD DVD, HDR-HC7 and HDR-HC5 HDV camcorders all feature Sony's ClearVid CMOS sensor technology. All four can process data-rich, high-definition video and come equipped with Sony's Enhanced Imaging Processor circuitry for smooth slow-record and...

Sony Offers New DVD, Mini DV Tape Handycams

07 March 2007
Published in Video Cameras

Sony has introduced its new DVD and Mini DV tape Handycam camcorders. The new DVD models allow the user to record directly to disc, play back on DVD players and instantly archive video footage. With a -R/-RW/+RW disc usability, all DVD models are newly compatible with 3-inch +R discs that have 2.66GB dual-layer capacity, nearly double the camcorder's...

Sony Releases New DVD Camcorders

07 March 2005
Published in Video Cameras
p>Sony has enhanced its 2005 DVD Handycam camcorder line with new technology and design. The five new DVD models incorporate features such as Dolby Digital 5.1 channel surround recording, DVD+RW/-RW/-R compatibility and touch-panel displays. DVD recordings can be played back using most current home DVD players and PC drives, as well as later releases of PlayStation2...

Sony Launches 2005 Mini DV Camcorders

03 March 2005
Published in Video Cameras

Sony has introduced its 2005 line of six new Mini DV Handycam camcorder models. Heading the lineup is the DCR-PC1000 model with three-chip complimentary metal oxide semiconductor sensor technology. The enhanced imaging processor allows wide dynamic range for improved picture quality with better lighting details on video and still images. The DCR-PC1000 also...