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Canon's Debuts New Lineup of Vixia Full HD 1080p Flash Camcorders

14 March 2011
Published in Video Cameras

Canon has announced the release of eight Vixia High Definition flash memory camcorders. This new line includes the flagship model (Vixia HF G10), a high-end model (Vixia HF S30), three compact model (Vixia HF M-series), and three entry-level models (Vixia HF R-series).

For video professionals, Canon has improved their camcorder sensors with a new HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor available in the flagship and compact versions. This new sensor incorporates larger, more sensitive pixels resulting in higher video resolution (full 1080p HD), 25 percent better low-light performance, and a nearly tripled dynamic range...

Canon Announces Dual Flash Memory Camcorder

30 October 2010
Published in Video Cameras

With 64GB of internal flash memory and an external SDXC memory card reader, Canon’s Vixia HF M32 Dual Flash Memory camcorder can store up to two terabytes of memory.

With the internal Flash alone, the camcorder can record up to 24 hours of HD video. Once memory cards are added, the device is enhanced not just with the storage capacity, but with increased data-transfer speeds.

This model possesses many of the features found in its predecessor’s...

Canon Unveils Vixia HD Camcorder Models

10 March 2010
Published in Video Cameras

Canon's new Vixia HD Flash memory camcorder line comprises nine different models that vary in resolution and memory size. Within the Vixia line, Canon has created the high-end HF-S, the compact HF-M and the entry-level FR-R. All three series can record at up to 1080p HD.

The S-series, which includes the S21, the S20 and the S200, comes with internal Flash memory ranging from 32 to 64GB and has two SD card slots for video transfer. Each records on an 8.59-megapixel full-HD CMOS sensor and...

Canon Unleashes Five HD, Six Standard Camcorders

04 March 2009
Published in Video Cameras

Canon has announced its new line of five Vixia high-definition camcorders and six standard-definition camcorders that are available in a variety of different recording formats.

The five Vixia camcorders feature Canon's core technologies: a Genuine Canon HD video lens, an HD CMOS image sensor for full HD image capture, and Digic DV II and III image processors. The face-detection technology used in Canon digital cameras is now...

Canon Releases Three Vixia HD Camcorders

17 October 2008
Published in Video Cameras

Canon has announced the release of three high-definition camcorders: the Vixia HF11 Dual Flash Memory Camcorder, and the Vixia HG21 and HG20 Hard Disk Drive camcorders.

Each new camcorder offers 24MB-per-second recording, the highest possible bit rate in the AVCHD format. This speed gives consumers enhanced detail, finer tonal gradation and improved reproduction of moving subjects.

The Vixia HF11 Dual Flash Memory Camcorder can record up to 12 hours of high-definition (HD) video to a...

Canon Unveils Vixia Line of HD Camcorders

08 March 2008
Published in Video Cameras

Canon has introduced its new Vixia line of high-definition camcorders. The new family includes the HF10 Dual Flash Memory, HF100 Flash Memory and HV30 HD camcorders. The HG10 AVCHD hard disk drive and HR10 AVCHD DVD camcorders have also been added to the line, as has the DW-100 DVD burner.

Vixia camcorders feature a Canon HD CMOS image sensor for full HD image capture, a Digic DV II image processor, instant autofocus and SuperRange optical image stabilization. The new line of camcorders also features...