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Our Audience

About PhotoMedia's Audience70,000+ people you want to reach: Professional and serious amateur photographers, serious users of photography (graphic artists, designers and communications professionals), educators, students, industry manufacturers, retailers and service providers.

PhotoMedia are distributed free through hundreds of strategic outlets including specialty photo and graphic arts retailers, labs and service bureaus, galleries and schools in:

  • California  (40 percent of distribution)
  • Western Washington  (30 percent)
  • Oregon (12 percent)
  • Eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah and Alaska (about  18 percent)

Complimentary issues are mailed to:

  • 1,000 industry VIPs, executives of important manufacturing and service companies, and associations nationwide (regular mailings)
  • Members of professional trade organizations, and institutions (libraries and colleges, etc.) on an introductory basis (1X theme mailings)

Copies of PhotoMedia are distributed at important meetings of photography clubs and professional organizations such as the ASMP, NPPA and others.

Most readers pick up the magazine at the distribution points, however PhotoMedia also has a devoted paid subscriber base of several hundred readers who prefer convenient home delivery.