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Epson Stylus Pro 3880 Now Available for Pro Printing

24 October 2011
Published in : Printers & Scanners

Epson has added a new 17-Inch printer to its professional line of printers: the Stylus Pro 3880 Signature Worthy Edition.

The 3880 utilizes Epson’s UltraChrome K3 with “vivid magenta” ink technology to produce more intense blues and violets, and has improved color transitions. In addition, auto-switching matte and photo-black inks help create better contrast on glossy, matte and fine-art papers...

Epson Offers Two New Pro Printers for Home Printing

24 June 2011
Published in : Printers & Scanners

For those wanting to skip the lines at the photo processing counter, Epson has released a two new home printers: the 13-inch, eight-cartridge R3000 and R2000 pro-photo printers.

Images are enhanced with Epson's AccuPhoto HD2 image technology, which smooths color transitions and emphasizes highlight and shadow detail to create prints of up to 5,670 x 1,440-pixel resolution...

Epson Offers R3000 Pro Single-Function Printer

01 April 2011
Published in : Printers & Scanners

Epson has released the 13-inch Stylus Photo R3000, a single function, wide-format printer dedicated to producing high quality, in-house prints for photographers.

With this line, Epson uses an eight-color ink set, which has been updated to include inks usually found in the Stylus-Pro line. UltraChrome K3 with vivid magenta ink, for instance, allows for more vibrant blues and....

Canon Introduces Two Pixma Photo Printers

22 June 2009
Published in : Printers & Scanners

Canon has released two new professional photo printers: the 10-color (photo black, matte black, gray, cyan, magenta, yellow, photo cyan, photo magenta, red and green) Pixma Pro9500 Mark II and the eight-color Pro9000 Mark II Photo Printers.

The Pro9500 Mark II printer uses Lucia pigment-based inks for long-lasting, professional-quality prints and outputs in three levels to create true black-and-white photographs. The 7,680-nozzle head prints pictures one and a half times...

Canon Debuts Newest On-the-Go Printer

16 June 2008
Published in : Printers & Scanners

Canon has released its newest mobile printer, the Pixma iP100, capable of 9,600 x 2,400 dpi resolution. The lightweight iP100 fits easily onto a desk with limited space or into a carry-on bag.

The printer features two black inks: one a pigment-based black ink that delivers sharp, laser-like text and another that prints rich photos. The overall size of the pigment black-ink tank has been increased by 50 percent. Canon has also added Auto Image Fix technology, which analyzes and categorizes the scenes in photographs and optimizes...

Fujifilm Offers Two High-Speed Digital Photo Printers

30 October 2007
Published in : Printers & Scanners

Fujifilm has introduced two new high-speed digital photo printers, the ASK-4000 and the ASK-2000. Both printers can produce 4 x 6 prints in eight seconds and 8 x 10s in 40 seconds. With the technology of dye-sublimation thermal transfer, the printers produce high-quality, natural-looking prints.

The printers feature color-correction software and Fujifilm's chemical-free dye-sublimation print technology, which ensures the...

Microtek's Artixscan M1 Handles All Formats

21 April 2007
Published in : Printers & Scanners

The new ArtixScan M1, designed by Microtek, is a combined flatbed and film scanner for 35mm, 6cm, and 4 x 5-inch film formats. The product also has the capability to scan prints as large as 8.5 x 14 inches, and comes equipped with Emulsion Direct Imaging Technology (EDIT).
EDIT allows for a glassless scanner, resulting in clearer scans due to avoidance of optical distortions, aberrations, and dirt. Using 35mm film, the scanner will produce an image file equal to one from a 34-megapixel digital SLR camera...

Microtek Expands Scanmaker Line

29 April 2006
Published in : Printers & Scanners

Microtek has released two scanners, the ScanMaker i800 and the 3,200-dpi ScanMaker 1000XL, a tabloid-sized flatbed scanner.
The high-resolution i800 can handle multiple film sizes, including 24 frames of 35mm film strips, 12 mounted 35mm slides, two 4x5 transparencies, and medium-format panoramas up to 6x17cm. It features 4,800 by 9,600 dpi optical resolution, allowing users to create poster-size images from photos and film, and an 8.5x14 reflective scanning area to accommodate legal-size documents and batch scanning of photos or film...

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