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Pushing the Limits of Camera Equipment Featured

31 May 2012 Written by :  Paul Worthington
Published in : Great Gear

What photographers can expect to see in the near future

In 1987, just before the first issue of PhotoMedia was published, advancements in camera equipment happened at a relatively slow rate. There were always subtle improvements in film stock, optics and electronics, but most pro and consumer shooters at the time could buy equipment and expect it to last 20 to 30 years with a few add-ons and new lenses...

New ILCs: Not Your Father's SLRs

16 October 2011 Written by :  Paul Worthington
Published in : Great Gear

Advances in optics and image sensors for interchangeable-lens cameras have made choosing the right camera more complicated than just big vs. small.

Purchasing a new camera presents a wide array of choices in body style, optical range, display size, resolution and more. But until a few years ago, the first decision was a simple one: Did you want a compact camera with a single built-in lens, or did you want to pay a lot more money for a much larger camera that could work with multiple lenses...

Rigging For Travel: One-Bag Convergence

03 April 2011 Written by :  Ric Kasnoff
Published in : Great Gear

One-Bag Convergence: The restrictions of modern travel and the rise of video technology convince one travel shooter to economize.

Not all that long ago, flying with camera gear to a location for a shoot was fairly painless and could even be considered fun most of the time. Flash a business card or your APA membership card, and you were easily able to skirt the baggage limits. Slip the curbside baggage handler a $20 bill, and you could get all the bags you wanted on for free. Sadly, those days have disappeared with the advent of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), baggage fees and oversold flights.

As someone who flies for 80 percent of my work as a photographer, PhotoSafari trip leader and trainer, I had to figure out a way to get what I needed onto the airplane with me without breaking the bank or...

Medium-Format Advances

21 November 2010 Written by :  James B. Martin
Published in : Great Gear

As DSLR resolution approaches its limit, many photographers are seeking an edge by reviving this heavier, slower format.

A camera is a doorway between the lens and a recording medium, be it film, digital sensor or anything else recording light. A view camera is nothing more than a frame on which one hangs a lens and attaches a digital back. This is the essence; all else are merely features.

The following camera systems all deliver standard-setting resolution. Deciding on...

The Return of the Medium-Format Camera

21 November 2010 Written by :  James B. Martin
Published in : Great Gear

Once thought outdated, medium format is enjoying a resurgence in the quest for higher resolution.

In a rapidly evolving market, pro photographers seek competitive advantages and ways to add value for the client. If your images look sharper and richer than the other guy’s, you will tend to get the sale.

Camera makers have responded by adding megapixels for higher resolution...

Making the Move to Video

04 March 2010 Written by :  Gail Mooney
Published in : Great Gear

With today's DSLRs rapidly expanding their video capabilities, here are some tips on how even a still-camerea photographer can become the next Scorsese.

Video seems like a hot topic these days, but there’s nothing really new about it. Video has been around since the first days of television. What is new is the increased demand for video due to broadband and mobile devices — and that means opportunity.

YouTube gets 100 million hits a day. In our digital society, people interact and communicate more and more via the web and social media sites. Due to faster internet connections, we are able to watch videos without the painful process of waiting for them to download. Marketers, corporations, institutions and publishers have all taken notice of the power of online video sharing and realize the potential it has to get their message out...

Lighter & Leaner: Today’s Compact Camera Options

08 July 2009 Written by :  Ed Coleman
Published in : Great Gear

This year’s “carry-around” digital compact cameras perform nearly as well as big pro DSLRs, but at a fraction of the cost and size.

It’s generally accepted that the Nikon D3 and Canon 5D cameras are both technological miracles, providing capabilities that we didn’t even know we needed 10 years ago. But their weight and size are not their strongest points. After a long day of shooting, they start feeling a little heavy, don’t they? In the studio or on location, this is not a major issue for pro shooters. For users spending the weekend at the beach with family, however, the best of the DSLRs are too big and heavy to lug around all day. Most pros have, in addition to their working toolbox of cameras and lenses, a personal favorite “carry-around” camera – one that is easy to pack, fun to use and able to serve as a backup to the commercial workhorses...

Ahead of the Pack

17 June 2008 Written by :  Richard A. Huston
Published in : Great Gear

Load up, strap on and test out the newest, most innovative photo/laptop bags on the market.

My backpack collection started simply enough; a JanSport backpack for carrying my college tomes to and from the library. When I took a class in photography, I bought an SLR and a holster in which to carry it. Each additional piece of equipment brought a new, larger pack into my life. I soon had a backpack for professional shoots (when all the lenses come along), a pack for day trips and a rolling carry-on pack for air travel. Then I brought home my first laptop, which justifiably needed its own collection of messenger bags and backpacks. Soon my closet began to resemble a backpack museum – a clear indication that a pack fulfilling multiple needs was in order...