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Q&A: Chase Jarvis

31 May 2012 Written by :  P.J. Heller
Published in : Guest View

Discover, Unravel, Redefine Your Future: Chase Jarvis on new marketing strategies for photographers

Photographers hoping to flourish in the uncertain years ahead will need to adapt to numerous changes, including the rapid and ongoing developments in camera equipment, technology and social networking. Photographers also must have the willingness to learn an entirely new way of thinking when it comes to the marketing and distribution of their work...

How Far We Have Come, Where We will Go Featured

31 May 2012 Written by :  Rosh Sillars
Published in : Electronic Market

In a quarter century, we've gone from lugging film canisters and developer trays to digital manipulation and cloud computing. What’s next on the photo technology horizon?

In 1987, photography was still a mystery to most people. The camera was a magical black box. The photographer was a magician who pushed the shutter button, which allowed light into the magic box and began the mysterious process of creating a permanent picture. The magic of photography took time. Photographers had more...

Pushing the Limits of Camera Equipment Featured

31 May 2012 Written by :  Paul Worthington
Published in : Great Gear

What photographers can expect to see in the near future

In 1987, just before the first issue of PhotoMedia was published, advancements in camera equipment happened at a relatively slow rate. There were always subtle improvements in film stock, optics and electronics, but most pro and consumer shooters at the time could buy equipment and expect it to last 20 to 30 years with a few add-ons and new lenses...

IN THE LOUPE: Albert Watson

15 May 2012 Written by :  Hermon Joyner
Published in : In the Loupe

Home/studio: New York City

Published books: "Strip Search: Las Vegas" (2010); "UFO: Unified Fashion Objectives" (2010); "Albert Watson" (2007); "Maroc" (1998); "Cyclops" (1994)

Recent awards/honors: Platinum Award for 2011, Graphis; The Centenary Medal, The Royal Photographic Society, 2010; named one of the 20 Most Influential Photographers of All Time, Photo District News, 2010; inducted into the Scottish Fashion Awards Hall of Fame, 2006; Lucie Award for Outstanding Achievement in Advertising Photography, 2006; Grammy Award for Mason Profitt album, "Come and Gone," 1975 ; three Andy Awards, the Advertising Club of New York...

In Search of the Next Indiana Jones

15 May 2012 Written by :  Randy Woods
Published in : Guest View

It's hard to believe more than 11 years have passed since I first met Gary Halpern and began editing and writing for PhotoMedia . Though I've never been a professional photographer, I've always been drawn to the exquisitely composed image. I was raised on the impeccable photography of magazines such as National Geographic and old issues of Life, which both inspired me to take some darkroom courses and experiment with....

Survival of the Fittest

15 May 2012 Written by :  Gary Halpern
Published in : Publisher's Message

While preparing for this, our 25th Anniversary issue, we were faced with a daunting challenge. After our previous issue featured Steve McCurry as our cover story, how could we make this one as special, or more so, than that? After all, surviving the last 25 years in the magazine publishing business is a miracle in itself. (And Lord knows there were plenty of opportunities along the way to perish.) We knew our cover profile had to be exceptional, so after much consideration, we made an appeal to New York's...

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