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900 Thanks for Fall 2010 Issue

16 February 2011
Published in : Letters to the Editor

Here at Santa Monica College we all look forward to each and every issue. It always has the best of just about all things photo, and I share it with everyone with pride and confidence in its being a quality product with lots to offer. The insides and outsides of the photo industry are always of interest to all 900 students, and your magazine is better than good in bringing that right to the doorstep. Please continue your hard work, and thank you times 900.


Paul Harris
Santa Monica College
Santa Monica, Calif.

High Water Mark

06 July 2010
Published in : Letters to the Editor

Just received mailing of PhotoMedia magazine. Many thanks for the beautifully printed and organized presentation of my work [“A Specific Palette” Spring 2010]. You are the first to reach the water mark promised.

Melvin Sokolsky, Los Angeles

Hope for Photojournalists

13 June 2010
Published in : Letters to the Editor

I have just read a recent issue of your magazine, and found it quite inspiring. As many photographers are these days, I have been struggling to make money with my camera, and your article on how photojournalism is changing has given me some new ideas to pursue [“From the Ashes: The Rise of a New Photojournalism,” Fall 2009].

I may not be the best photographer in the world, but I bet I’m one of the most persistent. Thank you very much.

Jason Savage,
Portland, Ore.

Can't Find a Catch

06 June 2010
Published in : Letters to the Editor

I commend you on PhotoMedia magazine, which I discovered yesterday at Keeble & Shuchat in Palo Alto [Calif.]. Unlike thinly veiled advertising burritos that are like newspaper inserts in the Sunday paper, your quality magazine is head and shoulders above the rest. Your quality writing and distinctive printing are great. Because this was a free magazine, I immediately looked for the catch but found none: It is a winner.

I’ve taken photographs for 50 years and have seen photography publications ranging from the banal to the esoteric. But this particular magazine seems to speak to me, because it is neither a blunt advertising vehicle, nor an abstract art rag pandering to those on the fringe of photography.

Congratulations and I’m glad that I found you guys. I’m sending in my subscription!

Jeremy S. Lezin,
Soquel, Calif.

Irresponsible Nudity?

06 October 2008
Published in : Letters to the Editor

One thing that did not please me were Peter Kaplan's images of the nudes perched in dangerous places ["Top of the World," page 30].It is all right for Mr. Kaplan to risk his life, but placing models in danger for the whim these photos express is just depressingly irresponsible.

Maybe he could dangle from the Eiffel Tower or the Space Needle. ... At least he would get a kudo or two for comic relief.

— Royal Mason, via e-mail

The editor responds:The models who posed for Kaplan's nude images were there on a completely voluntary basis. At no time were the models put "in danger." Kaplan and his assistants are experienced climbers who practice the same rigorous safety procedures as ironworkers...

New Fan from the Other Coast

06 August 2006
Published in : Letters to the Editor

While in Santa Fe, N.M., this past week, I managed to pick up a copy of PhotoMedia. What a great publication, and I seriously regret it is not available [for] free on the East Coast. After reading the story written by Ted Fry about Louis Psihoyos (Spring 2006, page 14), it struck me that very few photo periodicals take the time and space to print in-depth, well written material. I especially liked that more than one or two of Louie’s great photos were printed. The article, photos and editing demonstrated a commitment to very classy photographic journalism.

Steve Lingeman
Hartsdale, N.Y.

‘Fantasy Puff Piece’ for Microsoft?

06 May 2006
Published in : Letters to the Editor

After reading Roddy Scheer’s article on “Microsoft’s Rich Media Group” (Spring 2006), I’m wondering how much MS funds your publication. There’s a lot of “Vista will have” while Vista doesn’t even exist at this time, and maybe not until 2007 or later, if at all. And to state that PCs are cheaper to buy and maintain is a joke. Comparable PCs are more expensive to purchase than Macs, and the cheapo PCs are not adequate for image processing...

Rocky Mountain High Praise

06 November 2005
Published in : Letters to the Editor

I want to congratulate you on publishing a photography magazine with quality articles and excellent photo reproduction. I first came across your Summer 2005 issue while visiting Reed Photo-Imaging in Denver. This was my first exposure to your excellent publication. I brought a copy home with me and passed it around to several of my colleagues in Pagosa Springs and Durango, Colo. Their reaction echoed mine that the content of this free issue far surpassed that of the other magazines to which we subscribe. The articles on David Muench, Rich Clarkson, Michael Kenna and Mike Dickson are exemplary and stimulating. Articles such as these are an inspiration to all serious photographers...

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