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Art Wolfe

Art Wolfe is an internationally renowned nature photographer based in Seattle, Wash. In addition to having published more than sixty award winning photo books, his PBS TV series, "Travels to the Edge," has received numerous awards for broadcasting excellence.

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Art Wolfe: To the Edge and Back Unpublished

15 February 2009 Published in Travel Photography

I found myself amid the dunes of the southern Sahara, surrounded by men cradling AK-47s. They lit cigarettes, backs turned against the abrasive desert wind. It was getting dark. I asked myself, "How did I get here?"
It was my own fault. I was in Mali last year shooting an episode for the second season of my public television show, "Art Wolfe's Travels to the Edge," with my crew of three. The men with the firepower were in my employ, thank goodness, hired to guard against bandits who prey on travelers.

The show is just one component of my strategy to recast my business in the face of the collapse of stock photography, a once-thriving enterprise that has been eroded...