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Paul Worthington

Paul Worthington

Paul Worthington is the consumer imaging analyst for the 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference. He also produces the weekly 6Sight Report and monthly 6Sight Magazine.

Website URL: http://6sightreport.com E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Pushing the Limits of Camera Equipment Unpublished

31 May 2012 Published in Great Gear

What photographers can expect to see in the near future

In 1987, just before the first issue of PhotoMedia was published, advancements in camera equipment happened at a relatively slow rate. There were always subtle improvements in film stock, optics and electronics, but most pro and consumer shooters at the time could buy equipment and expect it to last 20 to 30 years with a few add-ons and new lenses...

New ILCs: Not Your Father's SLRs Unpublished

16 October 2011 Published in Great Gear

Advances in optics and image sensors for interchangeable-lens cameras have made choosing the right camera more complicated than just big vs. small.

Purchasing a new camera presents a wide array of choices in body style, optical range, display size, resolution and more. But until a few years ago, the first decision was a simple one: Did you want a compact camera with a single built-in lens, or did you want to pay a lot more money for a much larger camera that could work with multiple lenses...

Earthquake Effects Trouble Retail Unpublished

16 June 2011 Published in Guest View

Japan Earthquake Effects Reveal Troubling Retail, End-User Trends. How will the disaster affect the way you purchase photographic equipment this year?

The store at which I bought my first camera closed this month. Yes, camera stores close all the time, but this was reportedly the first to close specifically due to supply problems caused by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Boots Camera was a large retail outlet serving Fresno, Calif., since 1974. It stocked a wide array of cameras, photography supplies and other items that might appeal to imaging enthusiasts: papers, printers, proofers, digital storage cards and developing chemicals. It even carried telescopes at one time...