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Bobbi Wendt

Bobbi Wendt offers creative marketing and licensing services to commercial photographers, graphic designers, artist’s agents and publishers

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Photography Studios: To Have or Have Not Unpublished

16 December 2002 Published in Guest View

Consultant Bobbi Wendt questions the notion that photographers must have their own studios.

As long as there has been a photography industry, commercial photographers have required studios to create and print their images. However, in today’s economic climate, the wisdom of this convention is being questioned.

I can speak from experience. Early on in my career in the photography business, I worked as an in-house artist agent and executive producer for a successful photo studio in Denver. The environment was stunning. It was a remodeled, 5,000-square-foot movie theater with a 17-foot tin ceiling and four large skylights that allowed us to go from bright and sunny to pitch-black in a couple of minutes. It was studio heaven.