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Roger Ressmeyer

Roger Ressmeyer

Roger Ressmeyer is the CEO and chief photographer of Science Faction Images (sciencefaction.com), the Mercer Island, Wash.-based photo agency that represents Louie Psihoyos and other photographers. Ressmeyer has been in the photo industry for 35 years, and held senior management positions at both Getty Images and Corbis, which purchased his Starlight Photo Agency in 1995. Ressmeyer was also a National Geographic and Time/Life assignment photographer for nearly 20 years. To view his personal portfolio, visit ressmeyer.com

Website URL: http://www.ressmeyer.com E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

OUR 2010 HONOREE Unpublished

21 November 2010 Published in Sidebars

Louie Psihoyos: Weapon of Mass Construction Unpublished

21 November 2010 Published in Person of the Year

Made famous by his work in National Geographic and Fortune, Psihoyos also is known for his elaborate photo shoots and for creating images that stnad the test of time.

The scene is brief but deeply unsettling. Footage from a stationary underwater movie camera in the coastal shallows shows typical marine life undulating gently with the waves. Then the view slowly darkens from above, as if a cloud is passing over. The colors begin to change, from greenish blue to a milky pink, then quickly to an alarming blood red that fills the entire field of view. Off-screen, wails and screeching can be heard.

Sadly, this scene is not from some fictional aquatic horror film...