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How Far We Have Come, Where We will Go

31 May 2012
Published in Electronic Market

In a quarter century, we've gone from lugging film canisters and developer trays to digital manipulation and cloud computing. What’s next on the photo technology horizon?

In 1987, photography was still a mystery to most people. The camera was a magical black box. The photographer was a magician who pushed the shutter button, which allowed light into the magic box and began the mysterious process of creating a permanent picture. The magic of photography took time. Photographers had more...

The Partly Cloudy Future of Digital Storage

04 October 2011
Published in Electronic Market

Cloud computing may be the future of digital storage, but Rosh Sillars says there are some other important options to consider as a backup.

Image storage has come a long way in the last 15 years. Many photographers are comfortable using the standard optical media, such as CDs and DVDs, to share and store images. This streak may soon be over, with changing standards well under way...

Smartphone Apps That Will Change Your Life

05 June 2011
Published in Electronic Market

Photographer Rosh Sillars lists some of the latest smartphone applications and discusses how they may change the way you manage your portfolio.

While Google and Apple battle for supremacy in the smartphone application wars, photographers have more mobile options than ever to manage their portfolios.

While your camera will take that great shot, it's the ubiquitous "smartphone" that...

SEO What? ...

04 April 2011
Published in Electronic Market

Why Photographers Should Care about Search Engine Optimization

The majority of searches for a photographer and photography products begin with the internet. While they are online, approximately 70 percent of those people searching will use Google. This powerful search engine is helping brides, high school seniors, small business owners and other professionals find exactly...

High-Tech Goes Low-Tech

06 May 2010
Published in Electronic Market

Capturing the magic of imperfection with iPhone camera apps

My Facebook page is filled with new comments: "Wow, that is a great photo!" "I can't believe you still have a Holga!" "You're still shooting slides?" "Where do you get Polaroid film?" "You have a darkroom?"

Well, not exactly.

My photographer friends' comments are a testament to something we have all lost in the digital age: the magic of an imperfect photograph. Like many professionals today, I started with film and toy cameras and developed my photographs in a darkroom. Many of my most cherished images had a magical quality, brought about by plastic lenses, light leaks...

Social Media: Don’t Be Left Behind

14 September 2009
Published in Electronic Market

Social networking websites are the talk of the town, but how can they help your business?

Supporters exalt it as the great advance in communication. Detractors consider it a waste of time. Like it or not, the phenomenon of social media empowers the public at large to capture and disseminate information immediately.

But how do all these technological advances affect the photographer? Is the growth of social media killing our business? How do these changes affect the amateur?...

Sony’s New DSLR-A500, A550 Provide More In-Camera Features

13 September 2009
Published in Digital Cameras

Sony has released two new entry-level SLR cameras – the A500, a 12.3-megapixel camera, and the A550, a higher-resolution 14.2-megapixel camera. Both cameras feature a 3-inch LCD screen, Live View features and Auto HDR capabilities.

The A500 has a 3-inch clear photo LCD Plus screen with a 180-degree tilt range, while the A550 features a 3-inch Xtra Fine LCD screen that offers the same tilt options with the higher-resolution screen needed for more critical focusing.

To quickly capture images, the Quick AF Live View feature enables...

Mark Moffett: The Adventures of Doctor Bugs

07 May 2009
Published in Nature and Wildlife

Entomologist and photographer Mark Moffett uses his magnified  images to tell the larger-than-life stories of the natural world.

On the outside, Mark Moffett may be 51 years of age. But deep down inside, he‚ still a shy little kid wandering through the woods, searching for bugs, snakes and other small creatures.  And like any playful youngster, he‚ not above dumping a huge spider on the head of a terrified Conan O‚Brien on his late-night TV show or handing an African bullfrog weighing nearly five pounds to a somewhat apprehensive Stephen Colbert on "The Colbert Report."

Every Photographer’s Dream Come True

14 June 2008
Published in Electronic Market

The ability to make your own coffee-table book is now within reach with today’s digital tools.

At one time or another, every photographer, professional, serious amateur or hobbyist has dreamt of having work published in a beautiful coffee-table book. Seeing your images pop off the printed page in an elegant, professionally created photo book is just a major rush. Many wedding and portrait photographers I talk to still get a thrill when they see their client reverently turning the pages of a just-finished album...

New Door Opens on Adobe Lightroom 1.0

18 October 2007
Published in Electronic Market

After many months and several public betas, Adobe finally released Photoshop Lightroom 1.0, its professional photographer’s “toolbox” for importing, processing and managing digital images.

Designed from the ground up, Lightroom incorporates the latest digital imaging concepts and technologies, such as automated workflow processing, nondestructive editing and support for multiple file formats, including JPG, TIFF, DMG, PSD and more than 150 raw file formats..

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