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Mark Lembersky

Photographer Mark Lembersky has lived in the Northwest for more than 30 years. Photography has taken him all over the world, from far above the Arctic Circle to Antarctica and from the mountains of Patagonia to the Himalayas. His work includes many images of the northwestern United States. Lembersky’s photographs are featured in a number of permanent displays and visitor centers, and in his earlier book with David George Gordon, Nisqually Watershed: Glacier to Delta, A River’s Legacy.

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Unearthly Visions Unpublished

26 April 2000 Published in Destinations

It's been 20 years since Mount St. Helens blew its top in May 1980. In that moment, it ceased being the symmetric, snow-capped Northwest icon that photographers loved to photograph. What remained was lifeless mud, ash and mountain rubble.
Featured in a new book by veteran Northwest nature photographer Marka Lembersky, the active volcano in our midst reveals opportunities to capture images of a landscape in transition.

thoughts soon focused on what tasks would face me the next day at the office. Little did I know it would be weeks before my colleagues and I were permitted to closely inspect the devastation, first viewing it from the air and eventually landing our helicopter...