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Robert Sparkman

Robert Sparkman

Robert Sparkman is president and CEO of Fusionspark Media, producers of One World Journeys, based in Clinton, Wash.

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From Confucius to the Internet: Pictures Matter Unpublished

16 March 2002 Published in Guest View

With today's instant interconnectivity via the internet, pictures matter more than ever before.

The Chinese philosopher Confucius once observed that “a picture is worth ten thousand words.” Nearly 2,500 years later, Life magazine reported that, in the US alone, there are 47 million photos taken per day.

If one picture is worth 10,000 words, then 10,000 words multiplied by 47 million photos per day comes to well, you do the math. Suffice it to say, pictures matter.

While this may sound a little oversimplified, how often in...