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Randy Woods

Randy Woods, editor of PhotoMedia, has been in the magazine publishing world for more than 20 years, covering such varied topics as photography, insurance, business startups, environmental issues and newspaper publishing. He is also associate editor for iSixSigma magazine and writes a job—search blog for The Seattle Times called “Hire Ground.”

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Operation Photo Rescue to Help Hurricane Sandy Victims Unpublished

21 January 2013 Published in Industry News

In the wake of devastation from Hurricane Sandy and the flooding that stretched across much of the New Jersey shore and Long Island last fall, much of the focus has been on restoring the immense property damage and rebuilding lives. Now, months later, one group is reaching out to help save memories from cherished photographs that were once thought to be lost in the flood waters.

The nonprofit organization, called Operation Photo Rescue, was created in 2005 by...

Is Taking Pictures Worse Than Mopping Floors and Doing Dishes? Unpublished

02 December 2013 Published in Industry News

It's no secret that the photography profession has fallen on hard times of late, especially for those who work as photojournalists in the dying newspaper industry. But is it really worse than mopping floors and washing dishes?

According to a recent poll conducted by job-search website CareerCast.com and published in the Wall Street Journal, the noble profession of photography was...

White House Press Pool Protests Lack of Access to President Unpublished

16 December 2013 Published in Industry News

Tensions have been building in recent weeks between journalists in the White House press pool and President Obama's Press Secretary Jay Carney over a perceived reduction in photographic access to the President in the Oval Office and during overseas trips.

Earlier this month, following the President's trip to South Africa for the funeral of civil rights icon Nelson Mandela, photographers repeatedly questioned Carney about why they were denied access to...

Rock Photographer Marshall Honored at Grammy Awards Unpublished

27 January 2014 Published in People in the Industry

The late Jim Marshall, one of the legends of rock 'n' roll photography, was honored with a tribute during the 2014 Grammy Awards weekend. The ceremony, during which Marshall was given a posthumous Trustees Award, was held on Jan. 25 at the Recording Academy's Special Merit Awards.

Marshall, who died at age 74 in 2010, was famous for...

Journalists Report Deplorable Conditions Prior to Sochi Olympics Unpublished

10 February 2014 Published in Industry News

The Sochi Olympic Games have already begun with great fanfare, but according to those behind the scenes covering the global event, the conditions of the Olympic Village have been deplorable.

Reporters and photographers from around the world began to arrive last week and found...

Stanmeyer Wins World Press Photo of the Year for 2013 Unpublished

17 February 2014 Published in Special Honors

Photographer John Stanmeyer has been awarded the World Press Photo of the Year for 2013 for an image of immigrants standing on a beach in Djibouti near the Somali border, trying to get wireless connections for their cell phones in an attempt to contact families abroad. Stanmeyer shot the image for...

Buyout Program Radically Changed Times Masthead Unpublished

01 February 2013 Published in Industry News

After a year of cost-cutting and staff reductions in 2012, Jill Abramson, executive editor of The New York Times, began 2013 by telling her staff that the "paper of record" needed to cut 30 newsroom positions, offering in a round of buyouts for senior editors and reporters.

So far, managing editor John Geddes, assistant managing editor Jim Roberts, sports editor Joe Sexton and...

Kodak Sells Last Remaining Film, Imaging Divisions Unpublished

01 May 2013 Published in Industry News

In an epochal shift within the photographic community, struggling Kodak has sold the last of its core film and imaging divisions as part of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy procedures, in a deal worth $2.8 billion.

With the agreement, the Rochester, N.Y.-based company will cede control of its Personal Imaging and Document Imaging divisions to...

Adobe Creative Suite Enters the Cloud Unpublished

07 May 2013 Published in Industry News

At Adobe's latest Adobe MAX conference, the company announced that it is no longer offering boxed versions of its popular Creative Suite software and instead will supply new versions through its subscriber-based Creative Cloud service.

The change in policy will affect all Adobe software newer than...

Chicago Sun-Times Lays Off Entire Photo Staff Unpublished

01 June 2013 Published in Industry News

A few months after the New York Times announced major staff reductions in its news gathering operations, The Chicago Sun-Times newspaper laid off its entire photography staff this week, including one Pulitzer Prize winner.

The Chicago paper said it will replace its...

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