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Eugene Mopsik

Eugene Mopsik

Eugene Mopsik, a former corporate/industrial photographer, is executive director of the American Society of Media Photographers (www.asmp.org).

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Better Business: Beyond the 30-Day Horizon Unpublished

16 August 2004 Published in Guest View

Photography business tips from ASMP’s executive director Eugene Mopsik.

I’m 11 years old, standing with my family at the rim of the Grand Canyon at sunset. I can’t take my eyes off the landscape, and I marvel at the beauty of the light. What’s my father doing? He’s furiously operating a Super-8 movie camera and an Argus 35mm still camera, racing against the clock.

Fast-forward several years. Inspired by my father’s hobby, I graduate from the University of Pennsylvania in the spring of 1970 and declare myself a photographer, albeit with no formal photography education and ...