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Yvette Cardozo

Yvette Cardozo is half of an award-winning writer/photographer team living in Issaquah, Wash. She and her husband, Bill Hirsch, specialize in offbeat destinations, native culture, skiing, scuba diving and other fun stuff. For more of Cardozo’s work, visit their website at www.cardozohirsch.com/

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Less Than Zero: Shooting in the Deep Cold Unpublished

21 October 2004 Published in Destinations

Intrepid outdoor photographer Yvette Cardozo provides tips for those readers planning on lugging their cameras into sub-zero Arctic climes this winter

It was supposed to be the world’s best tripod for ultra-cold weather, made of some space-age, super-stable, shatterproof material. I bought the thing from a guy who had a reputation for taking lots of midwinter photos in ridiculous conditions.

The only problem was, it was utterly useless for me. The legs were controlled by rings and, at 30 below, I couldn’t feel the rings, much less turn them. I returned the tripod, eventually getting one with levers that I could trip with my knuckles when necessary — which all goes to prove that what works for me may not work for others...