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Bill Thorness

Bill Thorness is a freelance writer, editor and consultant for media and corporate clients, and a former editor of PhotoMedia based in Seattle. Whether you're an editor looking for a professional freelance journalist or a marketing executive seeking a fresh approach to your corporate message, Bill would be pleased to speak with you to discuss your needs.

Website URL: http://www.billthorness.com E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Michael Doucett: Clowning Around Unpublished

11 January 2001 Published in Shot of the Week

Experience with model testing and a love of theater combine in this "almost spontaneous" mid-1999 shot by Seattle photographer Michael Doucett. His subject is Zaza, one-third of the clown troupe Los Excentricos, traveling performers then appearing with Teatro ZinZanni in Seattle. Doucett was photographing the ZinZanni cast for Resonance, a local arts magazine.

"I do have a connection to these circus people," says Doucett, 33, a Tacoma native. "My family is all involved in the arts: professional artists, makeup artists, musicians...

Nevada Wier: Outward Unbound Unpublished

01 January 2001 Published in Travel Photography

Restlessness and patience may seem like conflicting traits, but for Nevada Wier they are driving forces behind a successful travel photography career.

"I travel to have experiences, and the photography aspect heightens that, because the camera forces me to come in closer, become involved and notice what people are doing," says Wier. "I'm trying to capture on celluloid one instant or feeling or action or moment in their lives that has to be fairly poignant."

From a 1978 Nepal trek to a 1999 river expedition on the remote Blue Nile in Ethiopia, Wier has been journeying to obscure places and soaking...

Flirting with Disaster: Wild Adventures Inspire Memorable Tales Unpublished

09 December 2001 Published in Travel Photography

All photographers have been in tough spots: The camera misfires as the receiver catches the ball, or some idiot steps in front of you just as the president hugs the intern. It's the old story of the Shot That Got Away. Adventure travel photographers can trump those stories — in spades.

Picture yourself around a table with four accomplished—OK, famous—photographers. You're at one of those tropical open-air bars, buying rounds. It's late. Here come the stories.

Natalie Fobes: Shooting from the Heart Unpublished

03 June 2003 Published in Person of the Year

The photographs of Natalie Fobes help to illustrate the forgotten stories of the world’s indigenous peoples.

Want to give back to the profession? How about creating a funding mechanism so that photographers can do valuable documentary work. Thinking about humanitarian goals? Perhaps you should self-fund a trip to show the ravages of a massive oil spill, or a native people's disappearing way of life. Did you recently resolve to do more good with your life? Take a lesson from Seattle photographer Natalie Fobes.

Photographing endangered environments and cultures, crafting multimedia educational projects and supporting other photographers in such efforts have earned Fobes the...

IN THE LOUPE: David Muench Unpublished

19 June 2005 Published in In the Loupe

Office and Home: Corales, N.M.

Upcoming titles: Our National Parks, with text by Ruth Rudner; Arizona, with text by Lawrence Cheek; and National Parks of New Zealand.

Recent Exhibits: Reed Photo-Art Gallery, Denver; Mountain Light Gallery, Bishop, Calif.; Santa Barbara (Calif.) Museum of Art; Phoenix Art Museum, with Ansel Adams and Jack Dykinga. Sponsored by Arizona Highways, this last exhibit also was shown at the University of Arizona's Center for Creative Photography and the Museum of Northern Arizona.


David Muench: Encounters with the West Unpublished

19 June 2005 Published in Landscape Photography

A David Muench photograph seems to contain two messages. One comprises the setting, the earthly elements being featured, and the light. Then you are pulled into the scene, invited to feel the grandeur and the detail, and breathe the atmosphere. You are asked to revere the place and hear its message. This is the second communication from the photographer, a sharing of his perception and inspiration.

"What I aim for, I couldn't put it in words for a long time," Muench says with more pragmatism than modesty. "I'd rather speak through images." However, over the course of more than four decades as a working landscape photographer, with thousands of images published in a dizzying array of freelance projects, he has found a language for his inspiration...

IN THE LOUPE: Blaine Harrington III Unpublished

28 February 2005 Published in In the Loupe

Office: Littleton, Colo.


Gear: Nikon F100 and F4 bodies, Nikkor 20-35, 35-70 and 80-200mm zooms; Nikon flash and Lumedynes; Bogen carbon fiber tripods.

Film: Primarily Fuji slide films, including Velvia, Velvia 100...

Blaine Harrington: Small-World Stories Unpublished

25 December 2005 Published in Travel Photography

Travel photographer Blaine Harrington makes an enormous effort to research the many countries he visits, but what he likes best is sharing his experiences.

If you run into Blaine Harrington — maybe in an airport — do him a favor and ask him where he's been lately. He says he comes back from globetrotting photo shoots excited to share his experiences. That exuberance comes through the lens into award-winning photographs that have kept him happily in the business of travel photography for many years. It's a career that's equal parts adventure, good planning and desire to...