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Jim Clark

Jim Clark is a photographer currently serving as president of the North American Nature Photography Association. Those interested in learning more about nature and wildlife photography can visit NANPA’s recently redesigned web site — nanpa.org

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Nature Photography: Competitive Romanticism Unpublished

16 May 2002 Published in Guest View

To NANPA president Jim Clark, nature photography is both an idyllic endeavor and a very demanding business.

Late November at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. As the sun dips below the horizon, the New Mexico sky is painted with hues of red and violet. Suddenly, an explosion of wings echoes across the landscape. Thousands of snow geese rise from a distant field and take flight toward the marsh where I am standing.

For a nature photographer, this is heaven. We cherish these moments. Most importantly, for those trying to make a living photographing nature, such moments can help generate a sale. Selling a photograph these days, however, is not guaranteed...