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James B. Martin

James B. Martin has written and photographed professionally since 1989, with articles and photographs appearing in many sports, photography and outdoor magazines. He leads photography tours for Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris, including a medium format adventure to Burma and Cambodia. For more information, visit jamesbmartin.com

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Medium-Format Advances Unpublished

21 November 2010 Published in Great Gear

As DSLR resolution approaches its limit, many photographers are seeking an edge by reviving this heavier, slower format.

A camera is a doorway between the lens and a recording medium, be it film, digital sensor or anything else recording light. A view camera is nothing more than a frame on which one hangs a lens and attaches a digital back. This is the essence; all else are merely features.

The following camera systems all deliver standard-setting resolution. Deciding on...


21 November 2010 Published in Sidebars


21 November 2010 Published in Sidebars

The Hasselblad, Leica and Phase One cameras offer leaf-shutter lenses, which may be an option for studio and landscape photographers. You pay a premium in weight and cost, but the vibration reduction and flash-synch speed they afford are critical. A focal-plane shutter consists of two curtains sliding across the sensor for a given amount of time. With a fast shutter speed, one of the curtains can block light during the exposure, which means the light of a strobe will be partially blocked...

The Return of the Medium-Format Camera Unpublished

21 November 2010 Published in Great Gear

Once thought outdated, medium format is enjoying a resurgence in the quest for higher resolution.

In a rapidly evolving market, pro photographers seek competitive advantages and ways to add value for the client. If your images look sharper and richer than the other guy’s, you will tend to get the sale.

Camera makers have responded by adding megapixels for higher resolution...