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Gary Luhm

Gary Luhm left his engineering job in 1998 to pursue outdoor and nature photography full-time. His unique imagery stems from a relentless exploration of the water planet by sea kayak, which is his taxi, his toolbox, sometimes even his tripod. Gary is an expert in creating images from small boats. He creates solutions to business concepts by drawing from the natural world.

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Washington's Untamed Olympic Coast - Cape Flattery to Kalaloch Unpublished

09 January 2001 Published in Destinations

Streaks of silver moonlight dance on the water. The setting sun purples the sky. It's a compelling scene, made more so by the fact that the moon is rising over the Pacific.

We're camped on Third Beach. 
In the morning, the tide drains the beach. It’s as if a mischievous god has pulled the plug on the sea. We wander among boulders plastered with sea stars, anemones and barnacles. Raccoons scurry about, crunching crabs. Black-tailed deer sample the kelp. The screams of oystercatchers break...

Gary Luhm: Photographing the Slot Canyons Unpublished

02 November 2000 Published in Destinations

Brilliant hues await in the slots, the focus for Gary Luhm's trip to the desert plateaus of Utah and Arizona

The slot canyons of the southwestern Colorado Plateau (mostly southern Utah and northern Arizona) are peculiar phenomena of Navajo sandstone. Eroded by water and the scouring power of silt, sand, and debris, they cut vertically through the landscape like a saw blade. The warm-hued surfaces emit quality light — enough to make the slot canyons the centerpiece for a trip to a region that screams with superlatives...