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Borges Publishes New ‘Tibet’ Book

16 October 2011
Published in Media

In his book, “Tibet: Culture on the Edge,” social documentary photographer Phil Borges has included 175 full-color, full 12x9-inch portraits, which portray the faces of the Tibetan people in the 21st century.

Pages include images of the landscape, children, farmers, monks and nomads, along with stories of how they live, work, eat and pray.

Throughout his career, Borges has lived with and documented indigenous and tribal cultures around the world for 25 years, and his photographs are exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide. “Culture on the Edge” is available for $45....

Marketing Yourself with Photoshelter’s Photo Books

14 October 2011
Published in Media

Photoshelter is now offering its 13th educational e-book, “Marketing Yourself with Photo Books,” a free guide for photographers that provides expert tips and case studies on promoting a photography business through self-publishing.

The book explores the practical considerations of building a photography book for promotional use, including the economics, portfolio use and color fidelity. Photoshelter also provides advice about dealing with photo editors and designers...

Menzel’s ‘What I Eat’ Images Exhibited in Boston

19 August 2011
Published in People in the Industry

This summer, freelance journalist Peter Menzel and award-winning editor Faith D’Aluisio launched the first exhibit based on their 2010 book, “What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets,” at the Museum of Science in Boston.

The exhibit, called “Around the World in 25 Diets,” focuses on...

Jennifer Shaw Releases 'Hurricane Story'

17 July 2011
Published in People in the Industry

New Orleans photographer Jennifer Shaw has published “Hurricane Story,” a memoir composed of short prose and color photographs.

Shaw's signature images, taken with a toy Holga camera, tell the story of her evacuation from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, the birth of her first son, the pressures of living in a post-disaster environment, and her family’s return to New Orleans...

Gulick's 'Salmon in the Trees' Released

18 July 2010
Published in Media

Braided River has released photographer Amy Gulick's latest ecosystem photo book, "Salmon in the Trees: Life in Alaska's Tongass Rain Forest." In the book, Gulick's images are partnered with essays and research from leading scientists, conservationists and journalists, who pose the question "How long can the biological riches of the Tongass withstand the global demands for timber, seafood, and minerals?" Contributors include...

The Go-To Guide for Photoshop Darkroom

28 April 2010
Published in Media

Focal Press, a division of Elsevier, has published "The Photoshop Darkroom" by Harold and Phyllis Davis. This guide includes information on understanding Photoshop darkroom workflow and working with RAW files, enhanced editing skills and new coloring effects.

Using large, colorful images and step-by-step instructions, the Davises help photographers learn how to do masterly...

Carmel's 'Changing Range of Light' Debuts

26 April 2010
Published in Media

Landscape photographer Elizabeth Carmel has published her second book on California's Sierra Nevada region, titled "Changing Range of Light — Portraits of the Sierra Nevada." Created as a testament to previous generations who have helped preserve the Sierra Nevada, Carmel's book focuses on how climate change affects our natural landscapes. The book’s 136 pages include vignettes from...

Hollenbecks Update Freelancer Handbook

22 April 2010
Published in Media
Amherst Media has released a revised second edition of “The Freelance Photographer’s Handbook: Success in Professional Digital Photography” by ad and travel photographers Cliff and Nancy Hollenbeck.
The 112-page book is significantly updated, packed with information about the world of freelance photography, and illustrated with images covering a wide variety of photographic specialties...

Jim Martin's New Book on Ice Examines Past, Present, Future of Glaciers

30 November 2009
Published in Media

Writer and photographer James Martin has published "Planet Ice: A Climate for Change," a compilation of 120 color photos that capture an in-depth study of glaciers and ice fields and how they relate to our modern-day climate.

To create this book, Martin worked with Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard, polar bear expert Ian Stirling, ice scientist Richard Alley, glaciologist Gino Casassa, and noted writers Gretel Ehrlich, Nick Jans and Broughton Coburn.

His images were taken in more than...

Joseph Sohm's 'Visions of America' Catalogs 30 Years of American Photography

29 November 2009
Published in Media

American history teacher and photographer Joseph Sohm has released "Visions of America," his collection of 1,300 images taken over the past 30 years. Accompanying these portraits are 21 essays Sohm has written to help answer the question "How do you photograph democracy?"

Winner of a gold medal at the 2009 Independent Publisher Book Awards at Book Expo America, "Visions of America"examines presidential politics and captures striking panoramas that depict the effects of global warming and urban decay.

In addition to this book, Sohm wrote, photographed and produced the...

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