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Schulz Photographs Yellowstone, Yukon

11 May 2006
Published in Media

Mountaineers Books has published “Yellowstone to Yukon: Freedom to Roam,” with more than 200 full-color images by Florian Schulz (see Portfolio, page 12) and a foreword by Robert Kennedy Jr. Schulz documents the landscape, plants, animals and people of an ecosystem that exists along the spine of the Rocky Mountains. Although the wildness is still untouched by man, it lies in the path of encroaching development.

Contributing essayists Karsten Heuer, David Suzuki, Rick Bass and David Quammen describe...

Wolfgang Kaehler Reterns from Yellowstone

04 May 2001
Published in People in the Industry

Seattle-based photographer Wolfgang Kaehler recently returned from a six-day photo shoot in Yellowstone National Park, where he documented the use of snowmobiles in the park, including a new, environmentally friendly four-cynlinder model. Kaehler also has an upcoming trip through Asia planned and will be visiting Esfahan, Shiraz, and Persepolis, Iran; Rangoon and Pagan, Burma; Borobudur, Indonesia; Angkor, Cambodia; Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; the Silk Road of Turfan, China; Jerash, Jordan; and Damascus and Palmyra, Syria.

For Love of the Game

29 May 2000
Published in Nature and Wildlife

The sun is fading over the Rocky Mountains on a late winter Friday afternoon in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Tom Mangelsen, a powerful man in his mid-50s, is tucked away in his downtown studio, surrounded by 2,500 boxes of film he has shot and developed in the past few years but not yet had time to review. With his whirlwind schedule this spring and summer, he's unlikely to catch up anytime soon.

By the end of June, he'll have released a new catalog, published a new book and opened his thirteenth Images of Nature photo gallery, this time in Kirkland, Wash. He'll miss the late April opening gala, however. That week he'll be spending his evenings huddling in a bamboo thicket...