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Sony Expects Third Consecutive Annual Loss


In the wake of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in March, Sony has projected that it wall end the year with a $3.2 billion dollars of loss. Sony had nine plants that either were damaged or experienced shutdowns as a result of the Japan 9.0-magnitude quake.

This is the second time the consumer electronics-company has taken a drastic hit as a result of earthquake damages. In 1995, a 6.9-magnitude earthquake in Kobe, Japan, caused Sony's net revenues to drop by $3.5 billion.

Combined with string of PlayStation hacker complications that exposed 100 million online customer accounts, 2011 has been a struggle for Sony. Although the company has said it still hopes to make a $975 million profit by the end of its next fiscal year, it is still possible that Sony will end up with a loss for the third year in a row.