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Quincy Jones Sued for Copyright Infringement


Los Angeles-based photographer Michael D. Jones has filed a lawsuit against music producer Quincy Jones (no relation) for using one of the photographer's portraits without permission.

The photograph in question, an image Quincy Jones and other musicians taken at a recording session in 1995, was allegedly used for ads and packaging materials for a signature line of Harman headphones.

As part of his lawsuit, Jones has said that he was not asked to sign a contract when taking the photos, but at one time, gave Quincy Jones several 8x10 prints of his images.

In 2010, Jones was asked by the recording studio, Qwest Records, if he would transfer the rights of the photo to Quincy Jones for $5,000. However, he wanted $10,000 so a deal was never made, according to Michael Jones. Several months later, Qwest sent him a check for $6,500 and a letter showing that he had agreed to the deal.

Michael Jones is seeking damages around $50 million. No court date has been set yet.