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Robert Frank Photos Found in NY Times Archive


It seems that "lost" photographs have been making quite a reappearance these days. In February, a series of Robert Frank images, take in 1958 as part of commission from The New York Times, were discovered by the family of Louis Silverstein, a longtime art director at the Times.

Following the debut of the Times' big announcement about their photo archive blog, "The Lively Morgue," the photographs are also featured on the publications photo news blog, "Lens."

The lost images show snapshots of people around in New York during the middle of the century, each depicting a capturing a different essence of the town with shots of tourists and commuters bustling around town.

It is not known how Silverstein ended up with images; however, he was the one who hired Frank to take the images back in the fifties. Silverstein's wife, Helen, recently discovered the prints with the help of Jeff Roth, a Times librarian. The prints remain with the Silverstein family.