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SFMOMA Begins Gallery Expansion

Ansel Adams, Winter Sunrise Ansel Adams, Winter Sunrise
© Ansel Adams, SFMOMA

In April, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) announced plans to enter the next phase of its planned gallery expansion.

The plan, which was originally conceived in 2007, was put on hold until this past April, when the museum got the go-ahead to resume development. While construction won't begin for a few years, the museum plans to double its gallery space to 100,000 square feet.
With the expansion, SFMOMA will also begin augmenting its curatorial, conservation and library programs.

This next phase of the renovation coincides with the grand opening of the Rooftop Garden last month, a $24 million project that includes large-scale sculpture in both open-air and enclosed spaces.

Also in May, the Art Institute of Chicago debuted its own most recent expansion, a 264,000-square-foot, $400 million modern art wing that began construction in 1999.