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Smashbox, Quixote Studios Merge


Two of the largest photography studios in Los Angeles, Smashbox and Quixote, have merged under the Smashbox name.
The new partnership will combine six Smashbox studios in Culver City and Santa Monica, Calif., with Quixote's four Hollywood studios, creating a total of 80,000 square feet of rental studio and office space. Quixote, for which photography constitutes about a quarter of its business, will provide management for both companies.

According to company co-founder Mikel Elliot, Quixote will continue its production operation under its own name and will dedicate one-third of its 15,000 square feet to the new partnership. The Smashbox segment, meanwhile, will focus on photo clients.

Smashbox, created in 1990 by photographer Davis Factor and his brother Dean, includes an in-house modeling and talent agency, plus an international cosmetics line.

Elliot and Dean Factor originally made contact regarding the merger at the Four Seasons hotel in Hawai'i, where they both happened to be staying with their families. They became friends and, for a while, had been referring clients to each other when necessary.

By merging rather than having one company buy the other, Quixote and Smashbox officials say they can provide more studio space, equipment, vehicles and staff services at a lower price.