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Cascades Academy Closes Its Doors


Late last year, Cascades Academy of Photography in Issaquah closed its doors after five years of operation. Owners Di Irons and Bob Iness say they were casualties of an industry-wide slump. Over the past couple of years, Iness says, enrollment in photography courses has declined, on the adult education level as well as in the community colleges.

The proliferation of digital cameras has greatly affected the way photography is taught, Iness believes. Many of those who have bought digital cameras have computers and software at home, and don't feel that further instruction is needed to achieve the results they want.

Although Cascades will no longer provide gallery space and rental facilities, Irons and Iness hope to continue contributing to the local photography community by offering classes and workshops at various locations in the greater Puget Sound area. In addition, they will provide an instruction referral service through their website, cascadesphotography.com.