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Linda J. Moore

Linda J. Moore is an outdoor photographer and freelance writer based in Washington state. She provides images of the environment, geology, natural history, as well as outdoor recreation and travel, from the Pacific Northwest, northern Rockies and Western Canada. Her environmental coverage is diverse with emphasis on wild salmon, wild rivers, forests and ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia.

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20 November 2010 Published in Sidebars

Awe and Wonder in Yoho National Park Unpublished

17 March 2002 Published in Destinations

Destinations: Yoho’s Awe and Wonder — Photographer Linda Moore guides you through Canada’s Yoho National Park, a land of soaring waterfalls and panoramic vistas.

Yoho National Park is a special place on the western slope of the Canadian Rockies in British Columbia. Wedged between Banff National Park to the east and Kootenay National Park to the southeast, Yoho — which takes its name, aptly, from a Cree word for "awe and wonder" — offers photographers a concentration of jaw-dropping mountain scenery that few North American parks can equal.

Powerful erosional forces by glaciers and rivers have carved Yoho’s landscape, creating dozens of valleys, lakes and waterfalls...