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Eleanor Callahan: 1935-2012


Eleanor Callahan, the wife and muse for photographer Harry Callahan, died after a bout with cancer at the age of 95.

Known for her jet-black hair and curvaceous frame, Eleanor was photographed hundreds of times by her husband between the years of 1941 and his death in 1999. Harry's most notable shot of Eleanor shows her swimming around in Lake Michigan.

The couple met while working at Chrysler during the thirties and married three years later. After dropping out of college, Harry had little money, so he began to photograph his wife as a means to launch his photography career.

After giving birth to their only child, Harry Callahan began to include their daughter, Barbara, in his photos, evolving his work from that of sensual beauty to familial tenderness.

Several exhibits featuring Helen can be seen today, including one at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta which opened in 2007 as well as a Harry Callahan retrospective on display at the National Gallery in Washington D.C..