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Gary Braasch Teams with Joan Rothlein to Document BP Oil Disaster

Gary Braasch on Assignement Gary Braasch on Assignement
© Gary Braasch

Environmental photojournalist Gary Braasch has teamed up with environmental toxicologist Dr. Joan Rothlein to document the lingering effects of this year's BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Focusing on the themes of energy consumption and the reduction of fossil fuel use, Braasch's images capture scenes of oil, marsh and beach cleanup, and the impact on those affected by the spill. These images will be available for use by nongovernmental organizations and will appear on newsstands this fall. Braasch's work, which was recently on display in New York, can also be viewed at (braaschphotography.com) and (WorldViewofGlobalWarming.org).