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Gary Halpern, Publisher of PhotoMedia Gary Halpern, Publisher of PhotoMedia
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While preparing for this, our 25th Anniversary issue, we were faced with a daunting challenge. After our previous issue featured Steve McCurry as our cover story, how could we make this one as special, or more so, than that? After all, surviving the last 25 years in the magazine publishing business is a miracle in itself. (And Lord knows there were plenty of opportunities along the way to perish.)

We knew our cover profile had to be exceptional, so after much consideration, we made an appeal to New York's Albert Watson, one of photography's most notable icons, to which he replied, "I'd be honored!" Kinder words were never spoken! His gracious cooperation allowed us some insight into this extraordinary artist.

But more "special" was needed in the recipe. So, Seattle's Art Wolfe, perhaps the foremost living nature photographer and the most featured photographer in PhotoMedia's history, consented to allowing us to be the first photo magazine to publish an image from his latest project, "The Human Canvas," another major achievement and a whole new direction in his career.

This inspired another feature for the issue: revisitations with our 15 past PhotoMedia Photography Persons of the Year, starting with our sub-feature on Art Wolfe, who set the bar high as our first honoree in 1996, followed by an illustrious group of exceptional individuals. In retrospect, it's evident why they all originally got our attention.

Still, it wasn't enough. Twenty-five years is a long time. Why not take a look back at the revolution in gear and digital workflow over that period and project 25 years ahead, courtesy of resident experts Paul Worthington and Rosh Sillars? And, for the icing on the cake, a conversation with the photo industry's pied piper of social networking, Chase Jarvis, on how to flourish in a competitive market with thoughtful business strategies.

Our recently redesigned website also continues to evolve, providing us the unlimited space to post content not found in the magazine and in a more time-sensitive manner. Please explore our 11 years worth of archived content at photomediaonline.com.

I'm also pleased to report that PhotoMedia recently received another three Maggie Award nominations for 2012, bringing our tally to 30 in the last 13 years with seven wins already (this year's winners were announced shortly after press time). Along with our 10 APEX Grand Awards and 13 APEX Awards of Excellence in the last 12 years, it is incredibly gratifying to have been recognized so repeatedly.

I would be remiss if I didn't take this opportunity to acknowledge the entire staff of PhotoMedia, especially my editor Randy Woods, creative director Rich Huston, copy editor Sherri Schultz, associate editor Kim Sklar-Fowler, and all the writers and others who've contributed for years to producing a powerful and relevant publication. And a huge thanks to all of our featured photographers throughout the years.

Now more than ever, it's critical that you let our advertisers know that you noticed their ads in PhotoMedia — our future depends on it. They deserve appreciation for supporting this publication and enabling us to bring you in-depth coverage of the world of photography for free. And of course, a big thanks to you, the reader, for your appreciation.

Gary Halpern
Story Author: Gary Halpern

Gary Halpern is the owner of the PhotoMedia Group, which publishes a 3x/yr photography trade magazine serving the western U.S., now in its 23rd year and winner of 6 Maggie Awards in 23 nominations in the last 11 years, and 9 APEX Grand Awards plus 12 APEX Awards of Excellence in the last 10 years (both the Maggies and APEX's are prestigious awards for publishing excellence).

Along with the magazine, he also publishes PhotoMediaOnline.com.

He also provide consulting and prepress services for coffee table photo book projects. Please visit PhotoMediaGroup.com for more information.

Website: www.photomediagroup.com
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