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IN THE LOUPE: Flip Nicklin

Flip Nicklin out at sea Flip Nicklin out at sea
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Home/Studio Location: Auke Bay, Alaska (12 miles north of Juneau)

Websites: FlipNicklin.com; WhaleTrust.org

Published Books: "Among Giants: A Life with Whales"; "Face to Face with Dolphins"; "Face to Face with Whales"; "Humpbacks: Unveiling the Mysteries"; "Whales and Dolphins in Question," with Jim Mead

Recent Awards/Accolades: Fellow of the Explorers Club and board member of the American Cetacean Society; NANPA recently announced that he will receive their Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012

Preferred Equipment: The Nikon D3 with the Sea & Sea D3 underwater housing; Nikon D700

Hobbies: Bike riding, fishing, walking

Inspirations/influences: Bates Littlehales and David Doubilet. "My father," he adds.

Advice to aspiring photographers: "I'm an editorial shooter," he says. "I like telling stories, and I like hearing stories. So make your own pictures and tell stories. You don't have to show a picture of the story, but there has to be a story behind the picture."

Hermon Joyner
Story Author: Hermon Joyner

Hermon Joyner is a writer and photographer based in Portland, Ore. To view his work and read his blog posts on various subjects, visit  hermonjoyner.com

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