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Patrick Bennett: On the Job


Though he says he "thoroughly enjoys shooting at dirty factories," corporate photographer Patrick Bennett is finding new worlds to conquer in advertising. Much in demand, he uses blurring, color and odd angles to illustrate the energy of his subjects.

The scene of terror above was shot for ad agency DDB Worldwide's 50th anniversary. "They said we had to show as many DDB Seattle employees as possible and we had to show the Space Needle. But they didn't say we couldn't have Godzilla break the top off.

"We had about 80 takes where I was yelling through a megaphone and screaming at the employees to run from the imaginary monster. If there was anyone not running and screaming, I singled them out and ridiculed them into submission," Bennett says, demonstrating he's still very much in touch with corporate management techniques.

Other clients include United Airlines, Seattle Repertory Theater and Seattle's City Center, an upscale shopping mall. From the Northwest Ballet production of "The Nutcracker," he got lead dancer Patricia Barker to leap over an audience of awestruck Barbies in the image at upper right. After the second or third leap, Barker bowed to the dolls graciously and said, "I would like to thank all the little people." Bennett says it was "then I knew we had her. We got her to leap about 50 or 60 more times."

John Callan
Story Author: John Callan

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