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Lensbaby Adds Fisheye to Line of Specialty Lenses

Lensbaby "Scout with Fisheye" Lensbaby "Scout with Fisheye"

A manual focus fisheye SLR lens, Lensbaby's new optic attachment, "Scout with Fisheye" gives camera users the ability to capture ultrawide 12mm, 160-degree angle of view images.

Like traditional fisheye lenses, the Scout also produces the characteristic black corners at the edge of each shot. This particular lens, however, has an alternative flare effect, which makes these edges glow brightly in lighter scenes.

Images can be focused one-half inch in front of the lens for macro photography, or at an infinite distance for scenic portraiture. Unlike many other Lensbaby optics, the Scout is the first unit that does not bend.

The Scout ships with the fisheye optic installed, but photographers can use other Lensbaby optic swap systems with the fisheye as well. Available for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony and Olympus Four Thirds SLR camera lenses, the Scout kit sells for $249.

Additional Info

  • Company: Lensbaby
  • Company Phone #: 877-536-7222