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Phase One Teams With Hartblei for New Tilt-and-Shift Lens

Phase One 3.5/45mm TS len Phase One 3.5/45mm TS len

In a strategic alliance with Hartblei, Phase One has introduced the Phase One 3.5/45mm TS lens, based on Hartblei’s 45mm f/3.5 Super Rotator lens. The small, lightweight, medium-format tilt-shift lens offers up to 12mm of shift and an 8° tilt for maximum flexibility.

The 3.5/45mm TS lens can be paired with the Phase One 645 camera system and offers photographers the ability to correct perspective, selectively sharpen and soften an image, and adjust the plane of focus without changing the depth of field.

The lens has a 35mm-format-equivalent focal length of 24mm and a minimum focusing distance of 1.15 feet.

The Phase One 3.5/45mm TS lens is priced at $3,990.

Additional Info

  • Company: Phase One
  • Company Phone #: 631-547-8900