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Olympus Designs Compact 18-180mm Ultra Zoom Lens

Olympus Zuiko Digital 18-180mm lens Olympus Zuiko Digital 18-180mm lens

Olympus has released its first consumer interchangeable SLR ultra zoom lens, the Zuiko Digital 18-180mm (36-360mm equivalent), as part of its family of interchangeable Zuiko Digital Specific lenses for the Olympus E-System.

The new 10x optical ultra zoom lens offers a long focal length of up to 180mm, providing a versatile focal range. The lens combines an ultra zoom with a compact, lightweight construction of just a little more than 3 inches and 15 ounces.

The E-System lenses comply with the Four-thirds System to be perfectly matched to the imager, allowing light to strike the sensor directly, ensuring truer colors, sharp contrasts and bright images even at the edges. Aspherical and ED glass lens elements are used to eliminate aberration and maintain sharpness, color and tonal definition throughout the zoom range.

The estimated street price is $499.

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