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Olympus Releases SZ-10 Ultra-Light, Ultra-Zoom Compact

Olympus SZ-10 Olympus SZ-10

Along with many other camera manufacturers, Olympus has just released their own version of the popular lightweight, ultra-zoom compact camera design.

Olympus's SZ-10 model has an 18x ultra-zoom 28-504mm equivalent lens, 3.0-inch high-resolution LCD screen, 720p HD video and 14-megapixel resolution.

This unit has been tailored with new magic art filters for stills and video (watercolor and sparkle mode), 3D photo mode (compiled by superimposing an image from two different angles) and eye-fi compatibility.

Other features with this camera include dual image stabilization, in-camera panorama shots, group face detection and locked tracking for action shots. Olympus has also added shadow adjustment technology to this design, which helps to balance bright, daylight shots.

The estimated price for the SZ-10 is $249.

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