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Leica Redesigns its M9-P Rangefinder

Leica M9-P Rangefinder Leica M9-P Rangefinder

Leica has added subtle changes to its redesigned M9-P rangefinder to make it more durable as well as stylish.

This latest rangefinder digital camera is still the smallest full-frame model on the market to date. Mechanically speaking, the M9-P is identical to its predecessor.

In terms of packaging, Leica has made a few changes with the M9-P. For starters, the red Leica brand has been removed from the casing and replaced with an engraved logo on the top of the camera. For added stealth, this model can be purchased in all-black as well as in the traditional black-and-chrome configuration.

With a hard-wearing sapphire crystal LCD cover and a vulcanite leatherette grip, the M9-P has been designed with added durability in mind. Extremely resistant to wear and almost unbreakable, the 2.5-inch sapphire glass LCD cover offers additional years of reliable use.

Like the M9, this new Leica has an 18-megapixel, 24 x 36mm sensor and is compatible with all M lenses, making it capable of a wide range of focal lengths from 16 to 135 mm.

The M9-P retails for $7,995.

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