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Sony Releases Full Line of Superzoom Compact Cameras

Sony HX30V Sony HX30V

With the new H-series, Sony has released a lineup of five new consumer-level, superzoom compact cameras — all of which feature image stabilization and HD video.

At entry level, the H90 model houses a 16.1-megapixel sensor, 16x optical zoom lens and 720p HD video capabilities.

The HX30V and HX200V models each feature an ultra-thin 20x optical lens and 18.2-megapixel resolution. Additionally, the HX30V comes with WiFi capabilities.

The HX10V also carries an 18.2-megapixel sensor, touting itself as the highest-resolution sensor currently offered among point-and-shoot camera options. The HX10V also offers GPS functionality, a fast 0.13-second autofocus time (in the daylight), a 3-inch tilting LCD screen, dual video/still recording mode and expanded (40x) clear image zoom.

At the higher end of the H-series, Sony offers the HX200V, a model with 30x optical zoom (60x in clear image zoom mode) with 18.2-megapixel resolution, GPS functionality and full 1080p HD video (60fps).

Prices are as follows: H90 ($250), HX10V ($330), HX20V ($400), HX30V ($420) and HX200V ($480).

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  • Company: Sony
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