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D4 is Nikon's Answer to Canon 1D X

Nikon D4 Nikon D4

An update of Nikon's D3, the flagship D4 is the revamped response to Canon's new 1D X.

With this model, Nikon has put an emphasis on the guts of the camera — that is, its magnesium alloy chassis. This new body is meant to better resist dirt, moisture and electromagnetic interference.

The D4 has nearly 4-megapixels more than its predecessor with a 16.2-megapixel CMOS sensor. Speed-wise, the D4 is on par with the 1D X — 50 to 240,800 ISO.

Besides the upgrades in speed and sensor size, this full-frame camera got a small boost in speed (up from 9 to 10 frames per second) and an extra 0.2 inches on the LCD screen (now 3.2 inches). When reviewing shots on the screen, users can also zoom in 4,600 percent to ensure they have taken clear and precise images.

Like the D3, this model has a 51-point focusing system.

New for full-frame Nikon cameras, the D4 has full 1080p HD video that can be shot at 24 or 30 fps, or 720p video capture at 60 fps. Nikon has also added improved video shooting capabilities when shooting in a telephoto mode with a 2.7x crop setting that maintains full HD shots.

A new joystick style sub-selector has also been added on the rear of the camera to more easily access the AF options.

The Nikon D4 has a suggested retail price of $5,999.

Additional Info

  • Company: Nikon
  • Company Phone #: 800-626-4566